About the blog

This website is a multi-author, weekly blog that acts as an online resource for vegan advocacy.

While reading this blog, we hope you achieve a better understanding of veganism, develop your rational thinking and debating skills and feel inspired to make the world a better place.

To do this, we produce frequent, science-based advice on how to promote a vegan lifestyle, discussion about vegan related topics, and content on other issues surrounding ethical consumerism.

About the author

César has been vegan since June 2014 and ever since has developed a passion for communicating veganism.

Starting by simply engaging with non-vegan friends and family about the ethics of meat-eating, he rapidly realised that he wanted to build his career around veganism.

At university, he was elected President of the UCL Vegetarian and Vegan Society for two consecutive years. During this time, César grew a YouTube channel, that helped people be more confident with their veganism, to 28 thousand subscribers and just under 1 million views.

This allowed him to attend several events (including Surrey Vegan Fair, Vevolution and Always The Sun Festival) as a guest speaker to share his learnings.

Throughout this time, effective advocacy increasingly became a priority in his mind, which has given him a unique insight into the key arguments against veganism, and how to best refute them with reason and empathy.

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