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Oatly: When A Factually True Ad Causes Controversy

When a biologically true statement is ‘controversial’, you know something’s not right… Oatly, is a Swedish-based company that produces milk alternatives made from (you guessed it) oats. They’re absolutely smashing the dairy free market, so they decided to go ahead and spend £700,000 on an epic ad campaign in the London Underground. They filled an entire section in King’s Cross station with a very simple but true statement. It’s like milk, but made for humans. Isn’t this so amazing? The beautiful […]

Vegan activism is not the moral baseline

Why Activism Is Not A Moral Baseline

Over the last few years the recurring theme of almost every speech by vegan activists has centred itself around, or at the very least mentioned, the idea that “activism is the moral baseline”. The argument makes the claim that the refusal to participate in immoral actions is not enough, that the only actions to be deemed moral are those that actively attempt to physically stop the action taking place. This can be seen in the “beating of the dog” analogy, […]

Why vegans go back to eating meat

Why Most Vegans Go Back To Eating Meat

We’ve all heard the statistics. About 84% of vegetarians or vegans go back to eating meat at some point in their lives. Or at least that’s what most online blogs I’ve read say. I tried finding the original study, but all the links I found were broken. But let’s roll with that number for the sake of argument. Even though veganism is growing rapidly, and according to my calculations the U.K. will be fully vegan in 38 years, this is a […]

The Truth About Vegan Health Problems

Someone recently commented on one of my YouTube videos saying that vegan diets were inherently less healthy than a diet that includes animal products. This isn’t true. While there are legitimate concerns regarding vegan nutrient deficiencies, they can be easily addressed by eating a balanced plant-based diet and supplementing where needed. The comment Here’s some facts about vegan diet health issues. EPA and DHA long chain omega-3 fats, can only be found in fish, unless you want to eat buckets […]

The Legality Of Animal Abuse

Infant lambs, kids and piglets can be humanely killed by delivering a heavy blow to the head. –Humane Slaughter Association Why do we need to go vegan if we have the best animal welfare laws in the world? The belief that the current legal framework surrounding farmed animals is enough to spare them from suffering is fundamentally flawed, but unfortunately common. The reality is that even the countries with the best animal welfare laws still allow significant unnecessary harm to […]

Eating Meat To Prevent Food Waste: Is It Ethical?

A main motivator for those of us that adopt a vegan lifestyle is our environmental concern. Plant-based diets have the lowest carbon footprint of all dietary patterns. But if you’re a vegan environmentalist, what happens when you see meat, dairy or eggs that are about to go to waste? Is it consistent with being vegan to eat meat in this situation? Is it ethical? These are two different questions, because not everything that is vegan is ethical, and vice versa. Veganism […]

Vegans Are Not Animal Lovers

It is a common misconception that vegans are animal lovers, which is why they go through extreme lengths to avoid harming animals. By implication, this suggests that if you’re not an animal lover, it is coherent to continue eating animals, since you don’t love them. This isn’t true in the slightest, for two reasons. First of all, being vegan is not hard. Vegans live absolutely normal lives and don’t have to go through terrible ordeals to get their vegetables. Most […]

How To Create A Vegan Community

One of the most important factors needed for people to stay vegan is to have a supportive community around them. This includes having other like-minded vegan friends. If you’re the only one, it can feel like you’re the odd one out, the weird one. So it’s important that you go out of your way to meet plant eaters around you and to help other vegans do the same. Thanks to social media, you can make vegan friends instantly, wherever you […]

The Best Anti Vegan Argument

What is the best argument against veganism? With so many anti vegan arguments out there, many are easily refuted. But there is one argument that will leave even the best animal rights advocates and ethical philosophers with virtually nothing to say. It goes as follows: “I don’t care” The best argument against veganism is apathy. I don’t care. How many times have you heard something like this? I agree with everything you’re saying, and I know it’s wrong to eat meat, but […]

The Best Vegan Argument

Premises Unnecessary harm to animals is morally wrong. Production of animal products like meat, dairy and eggs always lead to some form of harm or premature killing of animals. Consumption of animal products is unnecessary. Conclusion The consumption of animal products is morally wrong.