The Best Vegan Argument

Premises Unnecessary harm to animals is morally wrong. Production of animal products like meat, dairy and eggs always lead to some form of harm or premature killing of animals. Consumption of animal products is unnecessary. Conclusion The consumption of animal products is morally wrong.

Eating Animals Is Not Humane

When a rabbit is shot through the Corpus Albicans and the Cerebellum it’s pain receptors are shut down. It feels nothing, and dies within a few milliseconds. This has been proven and therefore it is extremely humane. People seem to forget man was once hunted by animals. We are part of the “animal Kingdom” and part of life is eating other animals in order to get protein. Our technological advance is what has separated us from other species, but that […]

Should Vegans Buy From Sweatshops?

Does your logic apply to humans as well? For example, are all your objects you have like t-shirts, computers etc. that are produced by exploiting people and even entire countries necessary to have? I guess you would say no, but why do you use them then? I agree 100% on the health and environmental benefits of veganism. But the moral part is… hmmm My reply The vegan ideology is morally sound. What you are referring to is that most vegans still […]