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Vegan advocate, defender of Liberalism and a good friend of Cesar. Creator of the Doubtful Centrist YouTube channel.

Vegan activism is not the moral baseline

Why Activism Is Not A Moral Baseline

Over the last few years the recurring theme of almost every speech by vegan activists has centred itself around, or at the very least mentioned, the idea that “activism is the moral baseline”. The argument makes the claim that the refusal to participate in immoral actions is not enough, that the only actions to be deemed moral are those that actively attempt to physically stop the action taking place. This can be seen in the “beating of the dog” analogy, […]

Do Plants Feel Pain? A Detailed Analysis

Why is it okay to eat plants and not animals? This may seem like a silly question but it’s not. There are hidden complexities and slithers of truth behind the statement that plants feel pain, but more importantly, this question is the fundamental challenge any carnist will have against vegans and it cuts right down to the bones of our philosophy. Why is it okay to eat one form of life but not another? If we can’t give a sufficient answer, […]